Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

From Kitchen To Beauty

1. To eliminate the black spots (vlek) in the face and scars on the skin.
    Mash until pulverized cinnamon bark and add a little water.  
    Mix with cold powder and smeared on the scar
    Do it as often as possible, then the black spots 
    on the face and the scars fade.

2. Hair loss.
    Boil green beans with a glass of water. caution, the green beans 
    do not get broken. After looking a bit cooked, immediately 
    remove and let cool. The water is then washed into the scalp  
    with a massage. Let it dry by itself, just washed.

3. Eliminating the veins of the legs.
    Boil a handful of green beans with 2 cups of water. leave until the water  

    becomes half. Cooking water is taken 2 times a day, morning and 
    before bed. when going to sleep, place the foot in a higher position than
    the head for 10 minutes 

4. Eliminate acne and itching in the skin.
    Use turmeric because it contains a natural antiseptic. 
    To make it, simply by mashing turmeric until creamed
    and splash it on the pimple or the skin of the itch.

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